Custom Home Financing Information

LAD Construction can explain the many ways for you to finance your project. It is important that you work with tried and true lenders that provide not only competitive rates, but knowledge and service.

Because of LAD’s extensive history, we are approved with numerous banks. We walk our clients through the financial process and make sure their bank has the detailed budget, design plans and construction schedules it needs before approving a loan. We also work with lenders during the construction process so they know how work is progressing.

If you have already taken out a loan to pay for a lot, that loan will be paid off by the construction loan you get after you have chosen a builder, and it means your property holding might provide you with some equity to put towards the project. If you are still shopping for a lot, you might be able to secure an “All-in-One” or “single close” loan that would cover both the land and the building process, and then roll over into a permanent mortgage once you are moved in.

Our experience can help you determine the most cost effective approach to financing your dream home. Feel free to contact either of the listed financial institutions for a free phone consultation and pre-qualification.

LAD Construction recommends the following local lender:

    • Brentwood Bank

      411 McMurray Road
      Bethel Park, PA 15102

      Vince Cassano
      412-409-9100 x 285