Custom Home Details With Big Impact

Make a Wish List of New Home Features

It’s exciting to think about custom designing and building your dream home. Once you start to think about your perfect home, you should keep a running list of items that you want to include. There are always new products coming out, and it’s normal to have that “Monday morning quarterback” moment when you say to yourself, “Why didn’t we do that?”

You can share your wish list with your builder at the initial meeting. Your overall budget will determine how much of your list makes it into your new custom home.

Even the smallest details can improve your new home and your day-to-day life. Here is a list of some little details you might want to consider:

Lighting Options

If you like lots of light in your kitchen, consider under cabinet lighting that is hard wired at the rough-in phase of your mechanical systems. You can also add lighting to the space above your cabinets to further highlight your cabinetry. By doing it this way you can have a variety of lighting schemes with the flick of a switch.

Extra Outlets

How about a plug and cable outlet above your mantle to allow for a TV there someday and how about an outlet and cable high on the wall in your master bedroom for your TV? This saves floor space and is easy on the eyes. If you install Christmas lights outside, then consider outlets for these extra lights – no more extension cords. If you have young children, you may not be thinking about a TV in their bedroom now, but someday there will most likely be a TV in that room. Adding a cable outlet now is worth doing, since it can be quite costly post construction through your cable provider.

Phone Power

Gone are the days of phone jacks, and one is usually sufficient for a land line base unit, with most brands offering up to 4 phones that will only require one electric outlet. Don’t forget to add charging outlets for your electric devices, too. Charging stations provide for numerous chargers in a convenient location.

Granite Extras

If you have granite installed, ask to have the sink cutout drop made into a cutting board. There is a cost involved for the polishing of the piece, but it is usually less than $100 and the cutting board will be a nice convenience, not to mention a perfect match.

Future Living and Entertaining Space

Allow for future living space in an unfinished basement by adding a rough-in for a bathroom or wet bar, and add a cable too. If you are outside entertainers, how about a natural gas line for your grill or fireplace on your deck or patio, so there are no more propane tank trips. A cable outlet in this space would be a great addition as well.

Build your home for your lifestyle. If you have to make a choice due to cost, choose the items that are most costly to change post-construction such as the size and amount of brick or stone on the home and the number of bathrooms. Remember, having a custom home designed on your lot or your builder’s lot gives you a blank palette. So dream big and think small – little things are just as important in giving you the home that fits your lifestyle.

About LAD Construction

Leon A. Dwinga Jr., Company President and Master Builder, relies on more than 40 years of construction experience in Pittsburgh and a personalized approach to give clients the perfect home for their budget, property, and lifestyle. Predominantly a custom home builder, LAD’s services also extend beyond with custom additions, kitchens, concrete, asphalt, consulting, and more.