Reasons to Build Your Custom Home Now

best-time-buildTake Advantage of Low Interest Rates

If you have decided to build your own home, now is a great time to jump in. Interest rates have remained historically low and there has never been a better time to build.

Don’t Worry About the Weather

Frankly, the Presidential election this fall presents a lot of uncertainties, and there are no assurances that interest rates for borrowing will continue to remain as low as they have been. You might be thinking that fall is no time to start a building project, with cold weather coming. But homes are constructed year round, and a good custom home builder with experience and a solid reputation does not shut down for the winter.

Move In By Spring

By the time you find a lot and select a builder, you will already have 4-6 weeks invested in the project. Choosing a lot and builder should happen simultaneously so that your builder can look at your lot before you buy it and begin the process of designing your custom home. Starting this process now could yield a move-in time around April or May. If you have children, the school year will be winding down and they will be ready to begin the next school year in their new school, if you are changing districts.

So don’t let the time of year or weather be your guide – consider the good financing decision you make today and how it will affect you and your family over the next 15-30 years.

About LAD Construction

Leon A. Dwinga Jr., Company President and Master Builder, relies on more than 40 years of construction experience in Pittsburgh and a personalized approach to give clients the perfect home for their budget, property, and lifestyle. Predominantly a custom home builder, LAD’s services also extend beyond with custom additions, kitchens, concrete, asphalt, consulting, and more.